Feb 9, 2006


Hello Everyone.

Thank you for stopping by. Since this is my first post, I'll start by introducing myself.

My name is Omotayo Ayotunde David Odukoya. I was born in the ancient City of Ibadan sometime in the late 70s. For those who know Ibadan, I grew up in Bodija till I was about 6 years of age after which we moved to The Polytechnic staff quarters. I left Ibadan for Kaduna State for my Secondary school education and later came back to The premier university, University of Ibadan where I studied Elect/Elect Engineering and finally graduated in 2002.

NYSC came and I was flung to Abia state (I only knew about this state when I looked on the Nigerian map which some thoughtful people had made available at the venue for collection of Posting letters) Well, I got to the state and I was lucky enough to get a job in a startup ISP/Cyber Cafe. - And the evening, and the morning, the first year... - and the end of NYSC.

I came to Lagos in Feb 2004 with a plan. 1. Get a good job, 2. Make money, 3. Invest, 4. Re-invest, 5. Re-invest and 6. retire early to pursue what I've always wanted to do. I sweated it out in the IT industry for some time. From programming to web development, database, graphics and animation... all the way down to system adminstration, networking and hardware. Even done a bit of Video editing. Do I hear you say "Jack of all trades"? My friend keep quiet! What do you know? Right now, I've ended up in one of the "Telco" companies as a Telecomms Engineer. I'm still on no 1 of my plan and my recent birthday on Feb. 13 only served to remind me that I'm not getting any younger.

A very important part of my life is Music. I'm a producer, singer and songwriter (not necessarily in that order) though right now due to work, relocation and other constraints, I've not been able to do much. That should change shortly next month, when I shall start putting together a small studio. More updates will come up after I do...

I guess this is enough for an intro. Watch out for my views on every topic imaginable (computers, music, news, events, politics, business, religion, making money and last but not least... Lagos Life)

So, stay tuned...

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