Aug 21, 2008

A new phase

"So where do I start?" This was the question I asked myself when I decided to update my blog. Should I start from where I stopped? Or should I resume as if nothing ever happened? I haven't updated in a while ... a long while. However, unlike my blog, I've been far from idle. Within the past few months, I've done several abrupt things. I've decided on a career change, resigned from my nice job, liquidated several assets, gathered my books, compressed my personal belongings into three bags, relocated from my home country, and reported to school. OK, I was able to say that in one sentence, however, it took several months of planning, studying, applying, writing essays, interviewing, receiving admission and then the Visa process (which is a different story altogether).

So here I am in the United States learning what it means to be a Nigerian in the diaspora. During the past month, I've seen things that made me proud of Nigeria, and I've also seen things that make me extremely ashamed. I'll soon be blogging about the "peculiar" lives of many Nigerians in the United States, and I'll be blogging about Nigeria from the viewpoint of a foreigner.

Meanwhile, what's this I hear of our president disappearing to Saudi for 17 days? This calls for serious concern. Thank God he's back now. I sincerely hope this is the last of such mysterious trips.

So that's it guys, an update. Hope to do that more frequently henceforth. Have a nice day.

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