Jan 21, 2008

Happy New Year / Bloggers Party update

Happy new year! Yes, a little time has passed, a lot of stuff has happened and the year has changed since I last updated this blog. I've been involved in lots of stuff including (but not limited to) writing a major exam, the bloggers party, future awards, and several events, etc. This also marks one year of active blogging for me. Having opened this blog in Feb., 2006, I didn't start blogging actively until Jan. 20, 2007. Within the past two weeks, I've met enough bloggers to last lifetime! I've met Favored girl, Princesa, Bobby Taylor, Manda, Jaycee, The Scribe, Toni Payne, Overwhelmed Naija Babe and a few I had previously met eg, Laspapi, Comrade, Omoalagbede, Linda, etc. OK, before you guys start wondering, let me give a quick update on the Bloggers party. First I'd like to shout out to Bobby Taylor who unfortunately couldn't make it to Nigeria for the party. I'd also like to thank Twayne, who volunteered to help out in organizing (she actually did more than help!). Ok, so here's the update ...

It was the first Saturday in the new year, and the holiday feel was still in the air. Traffic was light and few people were in sight. On Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island existed an exquisite bar/lounge named "No 10" - rightfully after it's owner, Jay Jay Okocha. This was where the Bloggers party went down. Expected time was 5 pm but with African time in mind, the meeting time was fixed for 4 pm.

On my way to the location while trying to get there before everyone else, I had a small problem with my car. You know those small problems that take a while to fix? Well I had one of those so I branched at a mechanic in Ikoyi and finally got to the venue at about 4:30 and ... (un)expectedly, nobody was there. Not even Tope my co-organizer (although she had earlier called me to tell me she would be late) "Na wa o, thank God for African time" I thought as I sat and waited. If nobody showed up, ehnnn? Would I hang out alone?

After 10 minutes, I was starting to get bored. Suddenly the boredom faded, as four people walked in. I recognized Princesa, and she introduced Manda, Obi and a friend who's not a blogger. The arrival set things rolling. I got a call from writefreak informing me that she was outside the doors. When I went to lead her in, I met favored girl and writefreak's hubby who she talks about so much on her blog. Others started pouring in after this: Comrade, The Scribe, Unnaked, Omohemi, Jaycee, Tomi, Toochi, Fantasy Queen, Chakams and Babs were some of the bloggers who came in.

Other people in the lounge soon became conscious that there was something going on. While Princesa and Favored Girl mischievously took pictures, Tope led an "introduce yourself" session and got everyone excited. We spoke about several things, jointly and disjointly, took pictures, ordered drinks and talked about everything from blogging to the internet. I silently wondered why Fantasy Queen, Unnaked, and Omohemi were being so quiet and shy. Their blogs are far from shy now. Aren't they? Soon Tomi had to leave, then Princesa, Manda and Obi left as well. Omoalagbede came in and we received a call from Laspapi saying he was on his way. After waiting for what seemed like hours, Laspapi showed up. Out of the blues, Overwhelmed Naija Babe showed up too. Alright, so I had to leave. On our way out, we met, Simply Nuttie and two other bloggers. Talk about real African Timing! They joined the crew and brought the number of guests to 28. It was a wonderful evening of networking and fun, and I'm glad we had it.


Aren't bloggers good looking people?

I don't really do new year resolutions, but I hope to be able to blog more often this year. I hope more old time bloggers won't leave blogsville this year - We've already lost too many. This is a shout-out to Cheetarah, Pink Satin, Baba Alaaye, Pseudo, T.Minx and all others who have resigned from blogging. You are highly missed, and I hope things are going well with you.

Many things happened last year. A significant thing being the handing over of government from a civilian president to another civilian president. I believe this is the first time we will ever experience such. Nigeria has come a long way, and so have we.

Looking back, I can say last year was better than the previous. I pray this year will be a better year for us, our homes, our families and our Country.
Welcome to 2008!
Happy new year!

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