Jan 20, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone!!! I can't believe 2006 is actually over. That year went too fast for my liking ... events happened took quickly.

Last year, I wanted to write about so many things but I kept postponing and postponing until either the topics became irrelevant or events became stale. I've always believed that procrastination is still one of the greatest enemies of man. Can't believe I wrote only the introductory article. Some of my friends have labeled me as "unserious" (and all the synonyms that go with it), but not to worry, that'll change this year.

Last year was filled with events... too many events for a single year. It was a good year for reporters and journalists. There was always a major headline in the papers - from political scandals (the ultimate of which was/is the OBJ/ATK war), religious scandals (Self proclaimed reverend who flogs & burns church members!), militant actions (thanking God I'm not an expatriate) to advanced crime (political killings, massive bank robberies) etc. People became popular, words & phrases became known, places became popular, names of companies & corporations became famous due to the events of the year. Too many coincidences, too much happenstance, events were calamitous - and directly or indirectly, many Nigerians were affected.

This post is dedicated to every Nigerian who was affected by last year's events. This year will be a better year. Forge ahead and forget the things of old. There's more in front of you than behind you. Life must continue ... and we shall survive. Most importantly, remember Nigeria has a great future!

Welcome to 2007,
Happy New Year!!!


Niyi said...

I just caught up on all your posts (hahaha..not that there are many anyway).

You write very well.

Oh, by the way, change the year on this post. You wrote "Welcome to 2006".. lol

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Tomzy (I also left a comment on your most recent post).

Tayo said...

Hey Tomzy, thanks for pointing out the error. I was probably not yet used to the new year lol :) It's been corrected now.