Nov 11, 2007

Motherland Updates

President Yar'Adua presents Budget
President Yar'Adua has presented a budget of N2.4tn to the National Assembly during a joint session which he attended a few days ago. Highlights of the proposed budgets are
Security and Niger Delta - N444.6bn
Education - N210bn
Energy sector - N139.78bn
Health - N138.17bn
Agriculture and Water Resources - N121.1
Transportation - N94.4bn
Poverty reduction initiatives & programmes - N110bn
Debt service - N372.3bn
Pensions -N99.7bn

It looks like President Yar'Adua's priorities are in the interest of Nigeria's development and a heart for the common man. Our security system and the Niger Delta surely need a revamp. The education sector is of great importance if we're to reduce brain drain and Nigerians in the diaspora. The energy sector needs no comment, we all know how it is. Health is another vital sector. Our Agriculture needs to get back to where it was before the Oil Boom. We used to export cocoa, rubber, oil palm, groundnuts, etc. I wonder where all that went. Transportation needs no expatiation. We know how much valuable and resourceful time is wasted on the roads. I'll say this budget was well put together. We await the approval and most importantly, the implementation.

Hon. Bankole presents his NYSC discharge certificate
The new speaker of the house of representatives, Hon. Dimeji Bankole is a young man. At only 38, he has become the No. 4 man in the nation. However, after barely a week in office, anonymous opponents accused him of dodging the NYSC compulsory service. In a quick counter move, he silenced them by producing his certificate. You can imagine what would have happened if he had actually not undergone the NYSC service. The press would have had a field day, and the House of Reps which has endured one scandal too many would become seriously unstable.
So all you Nigerians in diaspora, make sure you go for your NYSC, in case it comes back to haunt you.
BTW, how come this reminds me of blogsville? Those anonymous opponents probably started off by leaving anonymous comments on blogs. Hmmm ... some things never change ... lol.

New Blogger on the block
My friend "Comrade" has finally bowed to internal and external pressure and opened a blog. He writes about Nigeria and events generally. He presents his articles with a hilarious tint but his points hit home. His blog can be accessed here.

Omoalagbede, Ore
I was at the Lagos Book and Arts festival yesterday and met with Laspapi (playwright, poet, lawyer, dreamer, etc) for the first time. Omoalagbede was also there as well as Ore. Below is a picture of Laspapi, OmoAlagbede and Myself. It was dark though, but I kinda like the effect. Omoalagbede's face is not too clear, so I'm not breaking his anonymity.


I guess that's enough for an update. Wish you all a fulfilling week ahead.


Omo Alagbede said...

Yipeeee!!!!!!!! I'm first!!!!
A quick one: 1. Which one of the trio in the pic is Omo Alagbede? 2. Where was Omo Alagbede when this pic was being taken. 3. How did you and Laspapi conspire to take a picture with Omo Alagbede in Omo Alagbede's absence. 4. Is that possible?
And why is the pic looking like it was taken by a NASA robot on the moon.

Abimars said...

I'm glad he was able to produce the NYSC certificate to shut his detractors up but am I the only one that seems to think we seem to have lost the plot regarding NYSC. I believe it started off well in the 70's but the horror story's I hear now about "batches" and conditions in the orientation camps are simply appalling, talk less of the number of young lives lost in their journey's to serve their nation.

ababoypart2 said...

Security and Niger Delta - N444.6bn, about 4 billion green backs? Not sure what the reference to Niger Delta means. Is it meant to make up for the injustice they have suffered for 47 years, or will this be used to set up another killer squad? Education, less than half!....

Jaycee said...


(I'm not doubting...amen to these budgets!)

Lolll @ the anonymous opponents reminding u of anonymous bloggers...LOLLL!!!

pamelastitch said...

Chineke!! ...does that mean that after studying my butt off in the diaspora - I still need to take that exam..Eh..wonders shall never end?

So that is the laspapi causing so much trouble in many girls hearts in Lagos. Laspapi i don see you !!




Anonymous said...

The figures look just like numbers to me. Its the implementation that am interested in. By the way, what do we use transportation money for? We do not have a functional national coach service and our railway is dead. ABC etc are privately owned or is aviation part of this?

Furthermore, what exactly are we doing to alleviate poverty? Then, how come the health sector has a miserable 138.17b this is less than 1000 naira on each citizen assuming we are 150M......

It is nice to read out the figures, what we need is a break down of how it shall be spent. This should be circulated nationwide so that we can tick off each project after its been executed. Otherwise.....its just another budget, just another early morning speech....Fellow Nigerians or should I say Pellow Nijarians....True talk

pamelastitch said...

oops not exam (was thinking of another exam when I typed that) - I meant NYSC....



Tayo said...

@omoalagbede, if you don't take time, I'll post the clearer pictures
@abimars, I was also glad about that. You're right, NYSC now has become something else
@aba boy, lol, you also saw the irregularities in that budget, well, let's even hope what's there will be implemented
@jaycee, Amen too!
@pamela, yes o. You need to do that NYSC o. lol
@anonymous, let's not even analyse the figures yet. If what's written there is used like they promise, I believe it'll still make some great change. The problem is they might not!

Ore said...

Tayo, it was good meeting you last week.

Tayo said...

Ore, it was nice meeting you too

laspapi said...

it really does look like a moon/NASA shot.

@ pamela- never believe what you hear and only half of what you see.