May 18, 2008

Headache for the Obasanjos

First, I'll apologize for my long leave of absence. It's been three whole months since I last updated this blog. Three months which have been packed with activities and events in Nigeria. I was not running from the EFCC, neither was I slightly indisposed in Ota. I did not travel to Germany for medical checkup ... but I digress! Germany will be a story for another day. Today is the day of the Obasanjos.

The daughter of Baba himself, a serving senator in the upper house was declared wanted by the same organization that was started by her father. A cartoonist said "She facilitated the movement of Several Ghana-must-go bags to Ghana". She is now at large according to the EFCC. The same cartoonist wonders if the EFCC has tried looking for her in Ghana. Anyway, the court is expected to settle this matter. Nollywood will agree that this will make a great home video titled "The clash in the arms of Government" starring EFCC as The Executive, Senator Iyabo as The Legislative, and the Court of Law as The Judiciary. Introducing ... errr ... ok - lemme leave that for the home video guys. In any case, grab your copy ... NOW!

While this event is occupying front pages in major newspapers, Baba himself was summoned before the House of Representatives' Committee on Power and Steel to explain how and why $16 Billion (~N2000 Billion or N2 Trillion) was spent on the power sector without any visible improvement or any form of visibility. Quite conveniently, Baba became slightly indisposed and could not appear before the committee, choosing to draft a long letter to attend in his place.

I don't blame the man. What with a daughter being pursued by an organization he created, and billions of Nigerians waiting for him to explain why they are still in darkness, why won't he fall sick? Abeg let them leave the man to rest in his Ota Farm. Nigeria's affairs can make anyone seriously indisposed.

I hope this will serve as a warning to present leaders in the country. They need to know that public funds are not meant for private use. Right now, what we need in Nigeria is evidence that our tax money is being used for what it should and basic amenities like light, water and good roads are available in all parts of the country. Considering the percentage of my salary that is deducted as tax, that's not too much to ask, is it?


Akin said...


An interesting write-up, but is this the same country where tax-payers money is being used for a burial of someone to the tune of N150 million and no one is complaining?


darkelcee said...

my brother, its not too much to ask jare.

You know all these "world class" organization in naija deduct so much tax from our salary and it makes me mad when there are still no good roads, water or electricity.

the question now is "where is our money?"

don't do that "dissapperaing stunt" again.

missed you plenty.lolll


nope, it is not too much to ask.

Welcome back.

Tayo said...

@akin, yes o! Imagine. We really know how to spend on unnecessary stuff (and drink garri later)
@darkelcee, It's crazy! To think those moneys keep disappearing into some private pockets?
@solomonsydelle, Long time! Thanks a lot

shalewa said...

tayo,is this you for real?.welcome back.
just leave baba alone.if u think of 9ja's problems,u'll have me.God has not started with him.lets just watch as events unfold.takia

Mola said...

hey am a blogger now!

Vera Ezimora said...

Hi love!!! Update ooo!!!

I tagged you. Check out my blog 4 details.

rayo said...

i feel u, its kinda nice to watch all these people get their dues, i mean nigeria would certainly fare better without the 'obasanjos', and i hope they milk them for all they are worth (am i like sadistic or what?)

AlooFar said...

Na which kain Baba be dis sef?


Tayo said...

@shalewa, yes it's me o.Thanks a lot.
@mola, Whaaat??? You have to pay homage o.
@vera, Ok, i'm headed to your blog now. Updating in a few hours ...
@rayo, LOL! No, you're not sadistic, you're just annoyed at the way THEY have been milking Nigeria
@aloofar, I don't know o!

Woomie O! said...

hey! first time here!!!
loving your blog!
at least, you don't get to interview me
i'm guessing you understand. he he.