Mar 12, 2007

Atiku injured, flown to London

This headline was reported in the punch newspapers of today and can be viewed here. I read the headline with interest and the article with much dismay. Barely a week ago, another Presidental candidate (Umaru Yaradua) was flown to Germany for a Medical Check-up. I immediately saw the coincidence of the situation. First, it's coincidental that a second presidental candidate needs medical attention within a period of a week. Second, it's coincidental that they both had to be flown out for medical check-up and treatment. The third coincidence is the fact that they were both elected (?) into public offices in the present administration. I'll attempt to analyse both situations below.

Governor Yaradua was exhausted due to stress: This situation is almost permanent in the lives of many Nigerians. Ask the guy who has to leave his house at 6 am every morning to go to work while getting back home at 10-11pm... and he'll define the meaning of "Exhaustion due to stress". But what does he do? He does not fly to Germany for a medical checkup. Rather he takes some Panadol & Chemiron and continues his activities which lead to more "Exhaustion due to stress". That is an average Nigerian. Governor Yaradua however, chose to fly to Germany for a medical checkup.

Vice President Atiku Abubakar had a knee dislocation: A friend and colleague of mine dislocated an ankle last month. Rather than travel to London for treatment, she saw a Nigerian doctor in Lagos, Nigeria and was back to work in two days. Another friend of mine was shot by Armed robbers and had to undergo several operations ... in Nigeria. It also happens that lots of average Nigerians suffer dislocations at one time or the other but rather than travel to London, they have to consult Nigerian doctors and in some extreme cases they consult the "Bone Healers" at Igbobi and Ajegunle.

All these point at the irony of the situation. Yaradua is the serving Governor of Katsina State. Atiku is the serving Vice President of Nigeria. Both are responsible for the medical sector in Nigeria in one way or the other. Both know that Medical services in Nigeria are not as good as the ones overseas (that's why they both decided to fly out for treatment), therefore ignorance is not an excuse. The question is what have they done to reform the Medical Sector during the 8 years they each have spent in office? I would really love to see a list of such achievements. If Yaradua had reformed the medical sector in Katsina state, he wouldn't have needed to travel for his medical checkup. Likewise, if Atiku had reformed the medical sector in Nigeria, he also wouldn't have needed to travel out.

If these two men have any honor, they should reverse their presidential intentions. As a matter of fact, they should both resign for their current posts. I remember when Tai Solarin resigned his ministerial appointment because he was stopped while driving a car without a license. Those were the days of honor. Unfortunately no such word exists in the dictionaries of those in government anymore.

I still believe Nigeria has a great and better future, which shall come sooner than later. My arms are folded waiting to see the outcome of events. God help Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

I actually think travelling is best for them. They have not invested in the health sector and I must say, its quite risky for them to trust the facility in Nigeria. The personnel may be fine other than that, there is absolutely nothing to our health sector.

What can we say, when our first lady died cos of cosmetic surgery. Its a thing of pride to 'go abroad' to treat urself even if 'abroad' means Egypt..a fellow African country

There is no way to stop them cos it will be an infringement on their fundamental human right to take care of themselves.

However, I will like to add that it is even not good for us as Nigerians to take our health needs with a pinch of salt. This often leads to more serious conditions that are expensive to treat.

The truth is that they have NOT invested in ANYTHING in the economy.....Sola

imnakoya said...

I'm in total agreement. But will the media going to address this? How on earth can the campaign go on without the press raising the issue of health-care delivery in Nigeria? The timing couldn't have been more perfect! This is a time for the press to orchestrate a well-coordinated media blitz on the decay in our healthcare delivery system.

Jaycee said... is so FUNNY (or NOT) that they are in charge of Nigeria's affairs (e.g. the medical sector), yet because of their lackadaisical attitudes towards their administrative powers to take care of what they ought to be taking care of, obviously the Nigerian medical sector is in shambles and they had to travel abroad for medical attention!

I know God is uprooting the old and replacing the old with the new...the old will soon be done away with in the blink of an eye. This will STOP!

Tayo said...

Thanks guys for your comments.
@Sola, I feel you. They've not invested into the health sector. It's even worse than it was when they came in. They have done NOTHING.
@Imnakoya, the media's hands are tied. The few ones who can tell the truth live in fear of what might happen to them. I really hope they would address this too.
@Jaycee, I really feel your comment and I say a big AMEN!!! to the last paragraph. I believe it shall happen soon. The old will go and the new will come.

BOBBY said...

My guy, i agree with you 101%. You know i hate Nigerian Politics and when i visited your blog for the first time yesterday, once i saw the name ATIKU, i simply scrolled down to read your other posts. But this morning, boredom wan kill me now, so i decided to read...and i swear you have made the most sense in the light of these issues...

I also find it strange that they had to fly out for these minor medical issues that can be treated in our home country.

They also must have lots of cash to spend...

I am sure if they got the treatment back home and used the change to fix one or two roads, then they would make a difference...

The choices that people make...

Shola said...

as sola puts it, the truth is they have not invested in anything in this country.

they know there is a big difference between what should be and what is presently on ground, but as long as they can afford to go anywhere in the world to get the best, they dont care what happens to the masses!

Olawunmi said...

hey, its funny, i asked the same question last week. why do our leaders go abroad for treatment when the people whose lives are in their care are at the mercy of the inadequate medical facilities that these same leaders are responsible for (not) providing?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

So so true. I still believe it is well with nigeria and they will rise to better times again in Jesus Name.