Mar 31, 2007

Good Morning Nigeria with Dan Foster

You are probably quite familiar with the Good Morning Nigeria program presented by Dan Foster on Cool FM from 6am - 12pm on Mondays to Fridays. At some point in the program, Dan and his fellow producers often call someone's number and pretend they're someone they're not. The unsuspecting recipient usually lets out words and describes actions not knowing he/she is being aired. Usually, the programs aims at correcting the menaces in the society. I was in my car this morning while the program was going on. While listening, I was so amused, I was banging my hands (and almost my head) on the steering wheel but in the end, I felt really sad. If you followed the program this morning, you'll understand why. If not, I've tried to capture it for you below.

A young lady named Lola had just called Dan to give him her cousin's phone number whom she claimed was a "supplier of girls" for "Aristos" for use during parties and more. She wanted Dan to call her cousin and pretend he needed girls for a party. She also wanted her cousin (whose name I can't I'll give her an imaginary name - Sade) to know she was the one who set her up after the whole process. Never one to miss out on a good opportunity, Dan obliged. The girls number was dialed by Dan's fellow presenter who identified herself as Cynthia and the conversation went thus. (My comments are in brackets)
Cynthia: Hello
Sade: Hello
Cynthia: Is this Sade
Sade: Yes
Cynthia: OK, I got your number from your friend, Biola (I'm using another imaginary name, can't remember the real name)
Sade: Oh, OK
Cynthia: So here's the deal, there's this party and we need your assistance, there's gonna be lots of guys coming in from Abuja. I want you to supply me with some girls.
Sade: OK no problem. How many?
Cynthia: About 4 including you.
Sade: OK.
Cynthia: They must be fine girls o. I've been told you are very fine so your friends too must be fine.
Sade: Don't worry, we are all fine girls.
Cynthia: Hope you guys are OK with doing stuff with the guys o, because these guys might just want more than the usual ... you know.
Sade: You mean like "twosome" and stuff? (I think she meant "threesome")
Cynthia: Yes, exactly. Stuff like that.
Sade: No problem with that. We can do that.
Cynthia: OK Sade, can you please describe yourself for me?
Sade: Are you in Lagos? Where do you stay?
Cynthia: V.I.
Sade: Give me your number, maybe I'll hook up with you so you can see me.
Cynthia: OK, but please first describe yourself (physical features, etc)
Sade: OK, I'm tall, I'm dark, I'm busty and I have Ass. (What!!!!)
Cynthia: OK, that's good. What about your friends, hope they're good looking too
Sade: Yes very good looking.
Cynthia: OK, please hold on for my boyfriend who just came in from America. He wants to talk to you.
Sade: OK
At this point, Dan Foster gets on the phone (American accent and all).
Dan: Hey Sade, how're you doing?
Sade: I'm good
Dan: Hey I wanna know what you'll have for us. You know my friends are coming in from Abuja and my boy is gonna be with them. What will you have for us?
Sade: Oh we'll have a lot
Dan: So what you gonna do for my boy?
Sade: (obviously excited now) Do you know this song "My humps" by Black eyed peas? (and she went on to recite Fergie's line in the song) "I'm a make make make make, make you scream, make you scream, make you screeeeaaam!" That's what we gonna do for your boy.
Dan: OK, Sade, how old are you? I wanna know how old you are.
Sade: I'm 22 (OMG!!!)
Cynthia returns to the phone
Cynthia: Hey Sade, what are you doing? That's my boyfriend!
Sade: Oh nothing, just telling him what we'll do at the party.
Dan decides to break the ice
Dan: Hey Sade, do you listen to radio?
Sade: Yes, I do (probably thinking about another fetish)
Dan: OK, do you ever listen to Cool FM Good morning Nigeria?
Sade: Yes
Dan: Do you have a cousin named Lola?
Sade: Yes
Dan: OK, you are on Cool FM and you're being heard live all over Nigeria.
... and the girl starts screaming as Dan Foster fades out the conversation.

Also, at this point, I almost start to scream myself. I was so devastated. That young girl was just 22, partaking in another kind of prostitution where girls don't need to stand on the streets. They circulate their numbers among the "Big boys" and "Aristos" who call them whenever their services are needed. They also usually have a group of partners (evident from Sade's agreement to provide 4 girls within a short time) whom they call on whenever extra girls are needed. This is what's happening in Nigeria and while many have chosen to ignore it, it's real and it's ongoing. Lots of dangers could await these girls (especially in view of the forthcoming elections). They go out with men they've never met and could easily be kidnapped, used for rituals and the like.

I sincerely hope Sade was embarrassed enough to change her ways ... and I hope other girls who partake in similar vocations will learn a lesson. Many of these girls have a need which pushes them into these things, some have to pay their school fees themselves, some have younger ones to take care of but for some of them, they are driven into it by sheer greed and peer pressure.

I'm at a loss here. I can't even think of a solution to proffer. I throw it to you. What do you think about this issue? How can it be addressed? What can the government or the people do to alleviate the situation?


racquelle-cutie said...

oh my god that must have been so embarassing i swear the girl will noww probably be known as an "ashewo"by her colleagues anyway i think i serves her right maybe she'll think twice before opening her mouth to chat shit

chicala said...

gosh, that was embarassing big time, and funny as well. but rily i dont think the govt can do anything for such pple, instead they can only change their own ways. But like u said some of them do these things cos of their conditions, but thats some bullshit excuse. They arent ready to learn or get their money thru hardwork but thru easier ways. God will catch them.

Justme said...

Hi there, I have just read you whole blog and i thoroughly enjoyed it. You seem to be a person of many talents. Take care & God bless

Justme said...

I meant "your" not "you"

wienna said...

Well, at least, it goes to show dat we really like fun and like making jokes too. Hope she'll learn her lesson.

Jaycee said...

Tayo hi, wassup?...I also read an article on University of Calabar babes and how they circulate numbers of aristos as well. They don't know how this is destroying their bodies and their's devastating...

chidi said...

oh ma dayzzz!!!!!!!!! her cousin must be a wicked person. I know what the girl is doing is not good but to be disgraced like that???? mba! enewyaz she (the disgraced gal) must have learnt her lesson by now. Is she stupid or wat?????? really apart from those gals that stand in places like allen avenue, there are other ways gals porstitute in 9ja

Tayo said...

@racquelle-cutie, I hope she's learnt her lesson. How's Dubai?
@chicala, I agree. There are other "moral" ways they can get money. Maybe because this is a fast way
@Justme, thanks a lot. I'm real flattered!

Tayo said...

@Wienna (My invisible friend!) Thanks for visiting again. I do hope she's learnt her lesson.
@Jaycee, I've heard stories about University of Calabar and Port Harcourt too o! I know it used to happen in my school too (University of Ibadan). It's probably still happening.
@Chidi. From the way her cousin sounded, she was tired of begging her to change. She apparently did this as a last resort.

BOBBY said...

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Tayo tell me you are lying, please...i beg of you. Are you for real?

I wish they had asked her for her last name and all, so that her parents who, hopefully, were driving to work, were listening too. That woulda been nice.

This is mad. Young gals, TWO SOMES??? CHINEKE...

Freelance said...

This is very true. I Listened to the program as well. Some guys were later calling Dan Foster asking for the girl's number, so as to hook up with the babe. It's very funny but also true.

Omodudu said...

Oh well!

Dami said...

good for her, hope she change her ways, and other do too heard these things are everywhere now

with all the church and mosque in naija!

Temitope said...

Hey Tayo,

Nice site, and topics! Keep it up. I get distressed, really distressed, when I hear of such young girls - it grieves me. One can only pray for change - May God have mercy!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Sad, innit? (I'm trying to copy my UK peeps). I hope she changes her ways sha.

truth said...

Ok I took some time off blog reading and, I gasped reading through this post. I'm not surprised such girls exists back home but it's worrisome knowing aristo chics are getting younger than they were just a few years ago.
This is not a government issue, it's a personal moral battle these girls have to fight....unfortunately.... for the most part, on their own. I can only be grateful those broke yet dignified youths that haven't succumbed to this way

Tayo said...

@all - thanks for your comments. It's really a serious issue and the ages are decreasing everyday. Soon we might have 16 year olds participating in this kind of thing.
@truth - good to see you again. Please stay around!

blogger said...

I actually heard that 1st hand, cos am Dan Foster crazy(according 2 my sis). Like I always tell Dan there are sometins dat I can't fall for.There are people out there doin it and they are the 1st o nes to throw stones at the poor gal. Ain't fair bros.I sold SOBO to get my BSC degree from ABU. Wen it came down to it I just couldn't.

Tayo said...

Hey Blogger, thanks for dropping by. You sold Sobo in ABU? That's very remarkable. I wish many of our young people would think of such ways to make money. I hope someday you'll share you story so others can benefit. Send me a mail and let's stay in touch.

Charles baba Oko said...

Hmmmmmmm! This 9ja chicks cannot stop to amaze me. Can you imagine, a 22 years old girl doing two some and may be four some. I wonder what children of this day go to learn at school. The university is supposed to be a citadel of learning where good values and the desire for academic excellence is supposed to be imbibed for the development of the economy of our rather leprosy stricken nation called Nigeria. I pity our future fathers who will one day put these daughters of eve at home to be 'decent' wives and 'moral' mothers who are to inculcate good virtues into the lives of innocent children. I also believe that the parent(if she has one) of this girl would be highly disappointed to hear this nasty things come out from the mouth of their lovely daughter. with all the funds wasted on advert against the risk of getting HIV, these buxom wench still have the guts to engae in illicit sex. It is a shame.

The Last King Of Scotland said...


pamelastitch said...

What is sobo??

1stpet2v9 said...

zobo is a red drink made with this leaf found in the north.. its a 9ja drink but i've seen the keaves in yankee, they call it sorreal or sorbrel...