Apr 3, 2007

Attention Please! Calling all Nigerian Writers!

I received a mail some time ago. It's about BHF magazine - a new magazine to be launched soon. Since I can't forward the mail to everyone, I've attached it below. Please read and take the necessary steps if you're interested. The objectives of this magazine align with mine and I'll definitely be a part of it. I like this quote from the introductory message
"... igniting a change in my perception and the perception of others about my country Nigeria ..."
The vision of the magazine can be found in the third paragraph in the mail below. This is the kind of project I think the world needs. Read on ...

My name is Sade Adelekan and I am managing editor of a vibrant, new Nigerian magazine.

BHF Magazine is an exciting new contemporary Nigerian Lifestyle Publication launching in Summer 2007. It is the brainchild of entrepreneurial couple Geoffrey and Jennifer Olisa.

The vision of BHF Magazine is simple. We are looking to dispel the narrow view of Nigerians that exists today by educating the masses through the lens of the lives of modern Nigerians by introducing the world to our music, fashion, art, culture and way of life.

This is where you come in! It's time to Write, Write, Write...We are looking for articles from all of you. We want you to write on the following topics:

* Fashion
* Art
* Design
* Music
* Pop Culture
* Technology
* Business/Entrepreneurship
* Topical Issues (Whatever is on your mind today, relevant to the Nigerian experience, that you have something to say about.)

We Need Articles Now!!

They do not have to be long. One page. Longer, if you feel inspired and have more to say.
This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard and be part of something Ground Breaking!!!

All articles and related images should be sent to: editor@bhfmagazine.com

So Pick Up Those Pens And Get Writing!!!... We are the Now Generation and it's about time we let the world see what we are truly all about!!!

Whether you are a college student, budding entrepreneur, musician, artist, model, photographer, journalist, poet, writer, lawyer, nurse, architect, graphic designer, you name it; we want to hear from you!!! We already have pre-order subscriptions in anticipation of what is going to be a spectacular summer launch. The buzz is on!

For more, go to BHF Magazine now.

So spread the word! We look forward to reading your articles!!!

It's all about creating a better perspective about Nigeria ... and if you use e-mail or you participate in some online forums, you're definitely aware of the type of perspective people have about Nigerians.

OK, you've read it, you've heard her. Now get to work. If you have any problems getting in touch or submitting your article, please contact me and I'll show you how to. Remember, it's all about changing the image of Nigeria... presenting our country through the eyes of normal people and letting the world know that we are not all fraudulent, 419s, thieves or drug dealers. Hope to see your articles on BHF. Mine will be there.


Vera Ezimora said...

Ehen, how much are they paying? LOL

truth said...

Hmm....I like this idea...totally nurturing for our image.

Tayo said...

@Vera - you too like money! Anyway (according to the officials), for the first issue, there would be no compensation. For subsequent issues, compensation might be offered.
@truth - Pls send in your articles!

Anonymous said...

Its not strange that vera likes money (she from Eastend). lol.

I got that mail in my box too and to be frank with you its a lot of information. Why I am a fan of citizen journalism, I can tell you that its only quality when its motivated by incentives like the guys from springwise, scoopt, ohmynews and others do.

Watch out for what I have planned out in this regard, should hit the stands and screens sometime next year. hehehe

tatafo! said...

dispelling the negative view of nigerians to who? nigerians! the target audience is nigerian, it's not hitting the newspaper stands of new york, london or basically outside of nigeria....where non-nigerians can read it. So what's the point?

Tayo said...

@tatafo - Hmmm... Interesting and valid observation. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll inform the publishers ASAP.