Apr 19, 2007

Nigerian writers, another call to write!

I received another e-mail some time ago. This one is from Nelson Publishers and they request a short story on the general theme "Living in Lagos -The frustration, the fun, challenges, opportunities etc of life in a mega city." to be included in a "Compilation of short stories". I've been meaning to post this for some time but I've not really got down to doing it. With the deadline fast approaching, and not having started to write anything myself, I thought it best to make it available here so my readers can take advantage of it. Read on ...

NELSON PUBLISHERS invites you to write a short but very interesting story on the general theme:
Living in Lagos -The frustration, the fun, challenges, opportunities etc of life in a mega city.

Submit entries to




Successful entries will be published in a collection of short stories.

Conditions for entries

1. All entries must be typed double-spaced in Microsoft word or Adobe
Pagemaker 6.5/7.0
2. Entries should not exceed 50 Pages A4 Paper size
3. All entries must be submitted on or before Monday, 30 April 2007.
Only successful entries will be acknowledged and the company will NOT enter into ANY correspondence on unsuccessful entries.
4. All entries MUST have detailed names, address and day phone numbers boldly written on their entries.
5. Please mark your envelopes on the top right hand corner "SHORT STORY"

For any more information, please contact Nelson Publishers directly through evans@evanspublishers.com.ng
So that's it. Get writing, and send in your entries. Good Luck!


Oritsega said...

Thumbs up Tayo! Good work u r doing wit ur blog..

Tayo said...

Thanks a lot, Oritsega! And thanks for dropping by.

Dupe said...

Thanks for the information. I would have loved to particiapte but unfortunately Monday is too soon. Interesting that a Nigerian Publisher is organising a short story competition. I will however be on the lookout for future contests from them.

Have a blessed day