Apr 16, 2007

Idols West Africa - Uche is out!

Uche Ume, the 24 year old contestant with the most unique male voice in the Idols West Africa competition is out! This announcement came as a great shocker to lots of people (including me) because he really has talent. Uche was one of the two (the other was Omodele) who got the "wild card" votes from the judges. He might have been done in by his choice of song ("Lonely no more" by Rob Thomas) which didn't do justice to his voice and performance abilities. It was also a very short performance - the shortest in this week's performances. Coupled with the fact that he was the last on stage ... many excuses could be made up for him that night. Unfortunately this was his last chance to impress the voters. He had this to say during his exit interview "Thank you so much for voting for me and believing in my dream." I still believe in his dream, and I hope he doesn't let it die.

Performances this week were quite better than last week as the performers selected songs from the New Age. The best performances were Timi, Timi (yes, Timi twice) and Jodie. Timi took the audience some place else with his extraordinary performance and vocal skills. Singing "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and sporting a stylish Microphone holder, he created an uproar in the hall with a "knee sliding" stunt delivered just at the peak of the song. Jodie's performance of "This Words" by Natasha Beddingfield was great as usual. I believe that girl can sing for 5 hours straight maintaining the tempo and the feel of whatever song she sings. She sings with a strength that seems to come from within. The crowd seemed to agree with me as they cheered vigorously at the end of her performance.

Coming close behind the best performances were Mercy and Omawumi. Mercy did "If I ain't got you" by Alicia Keys. She added a few twists here and there but the highlight was towards the end when she did some extraordinary pitching. I think this is her best performance so far and she really used her voice well. Omawumi was the first on stage this week. She started her song ("Cry" by Faith Hill) kind of weakly but she built up the feel along the song. She maintained a constant high pitch towards the end. She seems to be sticking more to the slow songs now and I was impressed with her performance this week.

Idols "Fine Boy" Eric's performance was a bit weak this week and kind of just normal. The strength in his voice was not felt during his performance of Craig David's "I'm walking away", however, he took the song to a new level by including a modulation. His performance was still better than a few people though, and he deserved to stay. Jerilyn came dressed the part as she took Beyonce's "Work it out". Her vocals were much better this week than previous weeks. She seems to be using all she's got to try to stay in the competition and that included her dressing and her provocative dance moves. Somewhere along the line though, she went off-key. Temitayo's rendition of Christina Aguilera's "I turn to you" was just OK. The modulation wasn't too smooth but her transitions between falsetto and her normal voice range helped her and worked well for her. Another lifesaver for her are her great performance skills.

Two unusual guests showed up at the performances this week in persons of Cobhams Asuquo (Music Producer Extraordinaire) and Denrele (TV & Music Show producer). They both agreed that the Idols West Africa show is made up of extraordinary talents. Cobhams' least impressive singers were Jerilyn and Temitayo and his top performer was Jodie!!! (with three exclamation marks as he put it).

There was not much hype about the show this week due to the gubernatorial elections that took place in Nigeria on Saturday, and lots of people I spoke to (including me) did not watch the performances. However, the videos clips of the performances can be downloaded from the Idols West Africa website available at this link and that's where I headed to watch the clips. So now we are down from 8 performers to 7. We'll see what happens next week.


Daisy said...

Hi Tayo,

Can't say I've kept up very much with the West African Idol but nice job on your blog.

Hope you are doing well. Gotta get to work now but I'll drop by again.

Many blessings

aloted said...

omo..I cant believe Uche is out.. Gosh i feel like screaming. I think Jerrilyn and Mercy are at the bottom of the ladder and not sure wat they are still doing in the competition. Did you say Jerrilyn did well in that "Work it out" song..i was totally disgusted!!!
You sure say they didnt rig this week's votes???

linda ikeji said...

uche shudnt have been kicked out yet.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Timi will have the best recording voice, better than Jodie. Jodie is a good performer and does a lot of runs and trills with her voice. But, if I close my eyes, I am not sure the timbre and tone of her voice is as good as I think it is, when I watch her. The final two are going to be Jodie and Timi and my winner to take it all would be Timi. There is something in his voice that breaks open your soul. He moves you with his passion in his voice.

Tayo said...

Hey Daisy, thanks for dropping by. Please keep coming!
@Aloted, I felt that way too o! Uche should still have been in. About Jerilyn, I meant she did well relative to her past performances. That doesn't change the fact that she's got the weakest voice in the group. I no know if them rig the votes o!!!
@Linda, thanks for dropping by.
@Anonymous, I agree with you. Jodie and Timi will definitely be in the top 3. Don't know who else will be .. Maybe Omawumi ... or Eric ... or... or... I don't know!


nice blog.

i think my top 3 would be Timi - his voice touches you for real!!!! Eric - hes just ur typical pop idol, good voice and good looks too. and maybe Mercy - she sings good but she needs to sort out her facial expression big time. Timi is my favourite though, i like Omawunmi but im not sure her voice is as strong as my top 3.

sophie said...

Why do people talk about a top three, is the final show not a top 2.? My favourite by far is Timi, then Jodie and then I would say Omawumi if there is a 3rd. However, Eric might get by and land in 3rd place based on his supposed good looks. Must say I don't see it, nor do I hear his voice as anything is special.