Apr 23, 2007

Presidential Elections Results

The Nigerian Presidential Elections results have finally been released. The results were announced a few hours ago by the Chairman of INEC, Professor Maurice Iwu. As predicted by many, Governor Umar Musa Yaradua emerged the winner of the Presidential Elections and is now the President Elect. As is their custom, INEC has declared the elections to be free and fair, even though we all think otherwise. Shortly after Iwu announced the results, agents of some opposition parties stormed out of the central collation centre and declared that the figures released by the INEC chairman were fraudulent. The closest contenders (Buhari and Atiku ) rejected the outcome of the election and have pledged to pursue their grievances in court. Local and international observers also alleged that the presidential polls were seriously flawed. The European Union said the election was not credible and human rights monitors said at least 200 people had died in poll-related violence in recent weeks. Below are the results of the Presidential Elections as announced by INEC.
Yaradua (PDP) - 24,638,063 votes
Muhammadu Buhari (ANPP) - 6,605,299 votes
Atiku Abubakar (AC) - 2,637,848 votes
Orji Uzor Kalu (PPA) - 608,803 votes (Abia State Governor)
Odumegwu Ojukwu (APGA) - 155,947 votes
Attahiru Bafarawa (DPP) - 89,241 votes (Bauchi State Governor)
Chief Pere Ajuwa (AD) - 89,241 votes.
Rev. Chris Okotie (FRESH) - 74,049 votes (Pastor, Household of God Church)
Pat Utomi (ADC) - 50,849 votes (Professor and Director of LBS)
It can be observed that similar to the gubernatorial elections, the PDP won by a landslide ... and this has not gone down well with many people. Within the next few weeks, there will be likely be lots of post-election drama. There might be court cases, accusations and counter accusations. It all will probably not have any effect on the results. With this in mind, I'll like to encourage all Nigerians to look ahead. I wish the President elect good luck in the great task that is before him and I request that he does good things, which he'll be remembered for. There's a lot of work to be done, and lots of avenues through which he can make an impact. Priority projects should include basic amenities like Electricity, Roads, Water, Transportation and Security. With these in place, Nigeria can then begin to assume it's leadership position in Africa and the rest of the world. Elimination of corruption should also be another high priority project. It's time to put an end to the 419 image which trails Nigeria wherever her name is mentioned. Corruption in high and low places, Fraud, Dishonesty, etc should be minimized to the highest level. A friend of mine once said "In Nigeria, not only are the officials corrupt, but Corruption is official", I marvelled at the truth behind his statement, and that's when I knew we had gone too far. I hope Yaradua will have the will, means and opportunity to put an end to all these things ... and most importantly make life better for the average Nigerian. Enough is enough. The time has come to move forward in Nigeria. The time has come for a ... Break of Dawn. Long live Nigeria.


linda ikeji said...

I dont know about y'all but i'm mighty happy yar'adua won the election. he was the best of the lot that contested.this man has integrity.he might even do better than obj.at least i hope so

Tayo said...

Well, I was kind of indifferent. Anyone who wins should work on this country, Period! Let's have some good governance. I hope we'll get that. I believe we will.

Mrs Somebody said...

Yaradua won,Fine!PDP would have won the elections even without incumbency power.I don't know what kind of desperation pushed them to indulge in such massive rigging.
Just imagine this,PDP won one of the south western states senatorial seat without even fielding a candidate for the seat.HABA!We have nothing left but Hope.Hope that things will definately change.