Dec 25, 2007

Merry Christmas + Naija Bloggers Party

This is to wish all my subscribers and readers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Christmas comes but once a year, so enjoy yourself as much as you can. Be careful though, and remember "If you drink, don't drive and if you drive, don't drink!

The Naija Bloggers Party will come up on Saturday, Jan 5. The venue has not yet been fixed. I'll notify you as soon as it is fixed.

I'll leave you with this video from NSync. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!



G@ttoGiallo said...

X-mas is gone, Merry X-mas !
NewYear will come, so Happy NewYear Tayo and have a nice party.

pamelastitch said...

I am not coming and you know why -

all I am going to say is this:
Pounded yam and eguisi..... :D

pamelastitch said...

spicy one too :P

AaaDee said...

Hi Tayo

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to you and your family.!

May God bless you with all His happiness..!

Cheers !!

Uzo said...

Happy New Year....

wienna said...

Happy new year to u, brov. Wish i was there for d bloggers party but my spirit go there sha. Pls make sure u take loads of pics o. I wan see those faceless bloggers for once. lol

Believer said...

Happy New Year..i trust the party was great, looking forward to receiving the info

darkelcee said...

where have you been?

happy new year to you!

how was the parri?

please update with more info abeg?

i saw pictures on princesa's blog.

Tayo said...

@Gatto, thanks a lot! Happy New year to you!
@Pammy, sorry, you missed o! And no ... no pounded yam and egusi :p
@AaaDee, Hey! So you're still around, I wish you a very happy new year
@Uzo, Same to you! Meanwhile, where were you on saturday?
@wienna, thanks o! I shall be updating soon with the breakdown.
@Believer,it was great man ... will be updating soon
@darkelcee, I'm sorry jare. Been real crazy busy ... I'll update soon. Where were you by the way? Why you no show?

darkelcee said...

had an owambe that i couldnt miss in ibadan and again i can be very shy o! lol!

lets just do another one very soon

Naija Chickito said...

Hey Tayo. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I like your blog. You say it as it is.

~Mimi~ said...

update now!

tiwalade said...

Happy new year!
How did the bloggers pary turn out? hope you guys had fun

Jaycee said...

Update Tayo...


Anonymous said...

Ol boy, not that I vex wit you, but where ya blog?? :-)

darkelcee said...

Tayooooooooooo(shaking with fury!)

Where art thou?

Omodudu said...

Tayo what is this...pips are asking for the party gist...

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

we are in 2008 o!!!!

Tayo said...

@naija chickito, thanks a lot for visiting.
@mimi, I don update o!
@tiwalade, the info is now available!
@jaycee, I don update o! ah ah, make una leave me o
@aworan, it's right here
@darkelcee, I'm now here o, abeg stop shaking with fury.
@omodudu, no vex o!
@catwalq, yes oh!
@all, ok, I don update. LOL!