Dec 1, 2007

Tagged - Weird things + 30 days of Thankfulness

I've never been tagged on blogsville, and I've never even expected to be tagged. However, within the last 2 weeks, I received 3 tags in quick succession from Bobby Taylor, Pamela Stitch and Aloted, welldone to you guys, putting me on the line like that. Anyway, after days of deliberating, I've decided to reply your tags.

Weird things about me

I was tagged by Bobby Taylor and Pamela Stitch. Thanks for tagging me. You set me thinking up all this stuff about myself.

1. I'm not much of a football fan. I don't run after premiership matches and I don't participate in arguments about why ManU is better than Arsenal or why Chelsea won Man City. I used to be a ManU fan but was not too much of an active fan. I watch World Cup, African Nations Cup, Olympics, but when Nigeria is out, I lose interest.

2. I'm from Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. However, I can't find my way to my hometown. I don't even know where my family house is. My Dad grew up in the North and in Lagos and he didn't have much contact with home either. In my whole life, I might have been there once or twice.

3. I hate traffic. I prefer driving for two hours on a free road to getting stuck for an hour in traffic. Some time ago, I went to drop a friend in Surulere and was to go back to Maryland. When I saw the traffic on the other side between Surulere and Jibowu, I turned right at the stadium and drove all the way to Marina, then proceeded to the 3rd Mainland Bridge, came down at Ojota and found my way to Maryland. Long journey I know, but I didn't mind since I avoided the traffic.

4. I rarely get sick. The last time I had malaria was over a year ago. The last time before then was probably 5 years ago or thereabouts. Also, I can endure the highest number of mosquito bites without any disfigure or discomfort to my skin. While others are nursing sore skin and itches due to mosquite bites, I just need to get under a cold shower and everything's back to normal.

5. I can concentrate in very noisy and rowdy places. I've once revised for an exam at a busy airport terminal where I was waiting to pick up my cousin. The exam was later in the morning and his arrival was delayed, I brought out my revision book and trust me, the jacking entered well well, and I passed well well.

6. I know too much technological stuff for my health. I can do things with my phone that people never believed can be done. Things like having an auto SMS sent to everyone who calls me (an sms answering machine), using my phone as a remote control for the TV through infrared, logging on to my laptop through my phone, etc.

7. A friend once nicknamed me Jason Bourne. This is because I can be different things to different people. It's not about me having multiple personalities. It's just about what part of me you're able to relate to.

Ok, I guess that's enough weirdness for one day!

I hereby tag Laspapi, Akin Aworan, Ore, Jaycee, Mimi, OmoAlagbede and Aloted. You guys blog too much about serious stuff (especially you Ore), you need to loosen up (like I just did) ... lol. Omodudu, you lucky say them don tag you already o, otherwise you would have been the first on this list!

Here are the rules
1) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
4) Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

30 Days of Thankfulness

I got tagged by Aloted. Thanks for tagging me. I'm first thankful for that.

I'm thankful for:

1. My Life - I'm thankful for my life because without it, I would be nothing. It's a chance to be on the earth to create a change and leave a legacy. I pray I'll achieve things that will make me remembered long after I'm gone.
2. My Family - I'm thankful for my family, for bringing me into this world and for being the first friends I ever had. The were the first examples I ever observed. The first people who taught me, brought me up and gave me a sense of belonging. They played the most major role in making me who I am today.
3. My Friends - True friends are gifts. No one deserves them. I'm thankful for all the friends I've ever made. My close friends and not-so-close ones, and even those who don't like me. You all add to the spice of life and you've all made me who I am.
4. My Country - I'm grateful for this country and would never exchange it for any other. Though the present situation leaves much to be desired, I'm confident that things are changing, and I must be a part of that change.
5. My Job - Even though at times I don't feel like leaving my home to go to work, I'm still thankful because my job is something I enjoy (unlike many people I know), and the organization I work for can be considered the best in it's field. It's a rare privilege to work for my company.
6. The Internet - Where would we be without the Internet? I can't even imagine. Kids being born today will never know there was a time in which owning a computer was considered a luxury. I'm thankful for having been a part of both worlds.
7. Blogger - I'm thankful for and the world of blogging, for creating a perfect avenue where I can express my thoughts and opinions about issues, and have people read and tell me what they think. I'm not thankful for the addiction though.

For this, I tag Bobby Taylor (getting back at you, girl!), Ababoy, Overwhelmed, and Nneka.

I don't know the rules for this one. I think it's supposed to run for 30 days, but then again, there's always something to give thanks for, so I'm not posting any rules. You guys are free to be thankful in anyway you wish. Just make sure you are thankful.

I wish all my readers a great week ahead.


pamelastitch said...

jason bourne is a that is all I am saying...

Oya...Can you make my cell phone go to the market place and do all my grocery shopping for me... I don't want to leave my house abeg. It snowed!!!


aloted said...

lol...hmm now you are going to make me think!! lol...nice one!

Pix gremlin said...

you just had to go and tag me... sheesh!! ye-ye man. Ok, will do the biz as soon as. That apart, I've got aches and pains after sparring today. I don't think the person I fought with today is going to make any love for a couple of days.. :-)

laspapi said...

interesting insight into your person, tayo. I consider myself tagged.

Anonymous said...

God i missed the tag self.. sorry i think i was tagged by a few other ppl self but i never got around to it... this was very interesting and fun to read... loved it.. omo i know absolutely nothing about technology... as in other than microsoft word and internet self.. im a klutz with a computer talkless of operating anything else

Tayo said...

@pamelastitch, you want your cell phone to go to market? I hope that's not tejuosho market in Naija, because your phone will never come back!
@aloted, better go and think, and put yours up ASAP!
@pix gremlin, hehehehehe ... yes oh. I had to tag you.
@laspapi, thanks for the compliment. I look forward to reading yours too.
@Overwhelmed, you need to learn more about technology o. Don't be alienated in future. Hope you're better now?

Jaycee said...

I'll loosen up and do it soon...ha ha ha!!!

Tayo, I didn't promise o...he he he. I like urs!!!!

Uzo said...

So this is where this started? I got tagged by laspapi and did mine today.

I cant believe it has taken me this long to get here - to your blog

~Mimi~ said...

i've done this thing beforeeeeeeee now, now i have to find 7 other weird things but i think i have enough to go round lol.

WE ALL KNO UR MR. TECHIE so u have one more weird thing to say jo.

Tayo said...

@jaycee, that's great! As long as you do it, you don't need to promise
@uzo, I'll come read yours soon ... didn't even know Laspapi had done his.
@Mimi, na only you fit talk that one. Abeg, e no easy to find 7 weird things, let me rest o!

Missing you said...

You forgot to say that you are also a computer nerd and "super tracer" and secretly naughty...*winking*

Believer said...

Nice post, for someone who only uses her phone to call/txt, I am truly impressed. I always say my phone is the 'smart' one in the relationship. Have a great week.

Tayo said...

@missing you, do I know you? hmmm ... no comment
@beleiver, lol ... you're seriously under utilizing your phone! See me for tutorials ... thanks for visiting

30+ said...

LOL at no 3, all that journey just to avoid traffic, o ga o

No 6, see I always knew all those sci fi things are not far fetched. How the heck can you log on to your computer through your phone what type of phone is that one?

aloted said...

O ya Tayo I have updated my blog with weird stuff about me :)

Tayo said...

@30+ ... Yes o! I (and my car) hate traffic that much. About the phone, I could teach you how to do it, but then what will I be using for Efizzy? hehehehehe
@aloted, oya, I'm on my way!

Isi said...

lets take this one by one:

1. u are sane tayo. probably the only sane guy . all that sports thingy is sooooo drab! not weird at all, we should toast to that!
2. i dont know my hometown either.
3. hating traffic? there's nothing weird about that
4. if u had malaria over a year ago, its a little too early to start rejoicing. lets wait till u stay that way for 5 years!
5. ok, thats kinda weird
6. i guess it comes with being m.a.l.e. abi?
7. i think people should be that way. why should u force one personality down our throats when we can have varieties!

so far, u aint weird at all! hehehehehe!

Unmodern said...

all these things you do with your phone ..abeg teach me :D

Rayo said...

I totally agree with you on the whole driving through traffic thing. I can't stand it.

Chinelo said...

Tayo ah ahn, i dint know all this o. Anyway, about the no.6 and all that technology thingy; pls when can we start the tutorials o :-)