May 26, 2007

Idols West Africa Winner!

Idols West Africa Grand Finale took place this evening at Planet One, Maryland, Lagos. Yours truly was there to cover the event and I have enough pictures and exhibits to make a truly remarkable article. Trust me, the grand finale beat every previous spectacular. A group song, a duet and self composed songs are just some of the attractions of the event. The show ended with Mike Majic saying, "The winner of the first West African Idol title is ... (pause) ... (pause) ... Timi!!!"

So there you have it, Timi Dakolo is the first West African Idol! I'll post full details of the show tomorrow. I just had to broadcast the good news! So watch out for the full details of the show live on by 12:00 Central African Time tomorrow.


Blogger-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria said...

Hey, dis una blog no bad o. I have been strolling up and down bloggistan searching for all my brothers under the bondage of idols, which is how I located this blog. Today God has broken every power of Idols over your life. You no go say Amen? Now it is time to take the Boxers Survey organised by the office of the Blogger-General.

I'm off to thank God for breaking the power of Idols over the life of every other blogger on every blog under the supervision of my Office.

Writefreak said...

Tayo, finally! I can sleep well knowing Timi my man won and forget about West African Idols for now. I'm over excited. TIMI TIMI TIMI !!!! I screamed my head off when i found out, at least Jodie didn't win but a good contestant also won...a dupe!

Tayo said...

Yes oh!!!
@Blogger General, lol. Amen
@writefread, yes o. Timi don win. It was wonderful, real wonderful.

aloted said...

@tayo- you fashied me abi? Thot we were suppose to go together!!! Anyway i forgive u cuz Timi won.
I am more than happy cuz he deserved to win.
Btw- I heard Omawunmi was wearing some sexzy dress...nawa o. Can't wait to watch the show later tonight:o)